All About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a product provided by Google that generates detailed current statistics regarding traffic to websites as well as marketing effectiveness. The information you gain from Google Analytics helps to improve your websites return on investment. The following takes a look at Google Analytics and how it benefits those who utilize this product.

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a product that is aimed at online marketers we well as website owners as it tracks information relating to your website in factors such as search engines, advertising, pay-per click networks and email marketing. Integrated with another Google product AdWords, advertisers can review online advertising campaigns by tracking the landing page status and conversions. These conversions (goals) include aspects such as sales, leads, viewing particular pages or downloading files. Google Analytics can then guide marketers in determining whether or not their campaigns are running successfully. The statistics received from this product will then determine an optimization or culling of an advertising campaign.

Google Analytics Provides the following Information on your Website:

  1. How visitors found your website on the internet.
  2. Which keywords brought visitors to your site
  3. Which search engines and sites brought visitors to your site
  4. Where visitors went on your website
  5. How long visitors stayed on your website
  6. Whether you have loyal and/or frequent visitors to your site
  7. When your visitors come to your site
  8. Which pages are most looked at on your website
  9. If you visitors found what they were looking for on your website
  10. The amount of time visitors spend on your site
  11. The number of pages your visitors read per visit
  12. Visitor demographics and geolocation visualization
  13. The number of visitors that came to your site which resulted in a qualified lead for you business
  14. If the visitors found your site through keyword related searches, refereeing sites or through search engines.
  15. Google Analytics tracks AdWord campaigns and optimizes the performance of the keywords purchased for the campaign.
  16. User history in terms of where they were prior to arriving on your site and where they went after visiting your site

How Does Google Analytics Work?

  1. When traffic enters a certain website, a request is made to the webserver to display this website.
  2. From here the page is pulled from the server and the Google Analytics tracking code is activated.
  3. The code is a JavaScript code that acts as a signal to collect traffic data.
  4. The Google Analytics tracking code is a part of a code that you place on each page of your website. This code calls the trackpageview method.
  5. From here the Google Analytics cookies are read and/or written.
  6. The cookies used are called first-part cookies. They are a selected option as they reach data without using spyware regarded technology.
  7. A webpage then sends an unseen gif request. This contains all the needed data and secures the Google Analytics server.
  8. The server updates and tracks the data that is captured and processed.
  9. The data is regularly updated on a daily basis and visitors can see their website’s results in their reports.
  10. Google Analytics also assists website owners to track their advertising campaign data and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics is a free service that provides up to 5 million page views on a monthly basis. By using Google Analytics you will be able to provide a better service to your visitors and ultimately optimize your revenue regarding your service or product. You will be able to strengthen your marketing initiatives and produce higher converting websites.


Darryn Balanco

Darryn Balanco is an entrepreneur with over 8 years of digital marketing and paid advertising experience and has managed over R10 million in paid advertising on Facebook & Google Ads.

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