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What Is Mobile Development?

Mobile development allows people to do much more than make a phone call on their mobile phones. The process of Mobile Application Development is by which application software and is developed for handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. The following will discuss what mobile development is. What is Mobile Development? …

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Website Development Jargon Explained

Familiarize yourself with website development jargon to help your understanding of website development. There are a number of specialized terminology referring to all sorts of aspects of website development. You may have heard of some of them, and others may seem alien to you. Below are some useful terms that could help you. Website Development Jargon Explained Access …

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Website Applications – What Is What

In the ever changing world of the internet, technology is constantly advancing to produce generations of website applications better than the last. Below we take a look at what website applications are, explore their use, benefits and limitations, as well as how they are likely to develop in the near future. Website Applications What Are …

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