It is important to avoid making SEO mistakes when optimizing your website. The following takes a look at the top 10 SEO Mistakes.

Avoiding SEO Mistakes
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for your website. It is important because:

  • It makes it easier for search engines to find and rank your site.
  • It increases the ranking of your website.
  • It increases the amount of visitor traffic to a site.
  • It gives sites an opportunity to be more successful.

If you make mistakes when optimising your site it will decrease:

  • The chances of being indexed by a search engine.
  • The ranking of the site.
  • The credibility of the site.
  • The success of the site

Top 10 SEO Mistakes
The top 10 SEO mistakes include:

  1. Linking issues 
  2. Keyword issues 
  3. Ignoring the Title Tag
  4. Not using textual content 
  5. Multiple search engine submissions 
  6. Using Flash technology and graphics 
  7. Using unethical SEO techniques 
  8. Using the wrong SEO company 
  9. Expecting immediate results
  10. Avoiding SEO Maintenance

Linking Issues
It is a mistake to avoid getting links. However, it is more important to avoid random links that are not relevant to your site. Links that are irrelevant or not credible and can hinder the success of your site. Only have links to reputable sites and avoid questionable sites such as spam, scams or porn. On the other hand, inbound linking should also be considered, as failing to use inbound links can also compromise the optimisation of your site.

Keyword Issues
Keywords are important for when adapting your site for SEO. Many mistakes can be made regarding keywords and keyword phrases, such as:

  • Using irrelevant keywords 
  • Failing to use keywords
  • Using too many keywords (keyword stuffing)
  • Having a keyword density of over 5%
  • Using too little keywords
  • Using keywords that do not relate to the target market
  • Using jargon as keywords

Ignoring the Title Tag
Leaving the title tag blank is a common SEO mistake. Title tags are important as they sum-up the point of the webpage. They should contain relevant keywords and keyword phrases. Without title tags users may avoid your site, as the point of the site or webpage is not clear.

Not Using Textual Content
Search engine spiders recognise text; therefore, a site that lacks content will not be optimised. In other words, a site that looks great and has an original design will not be found and ranked by search engines. Thus, there is no point to design a site without enough text. Avoid this SEO mistake by adding good SEO content.

Multiple Search Engine Submissions
You will take a big risk if you submit your website to multiple search engines. It is a risk because it will make your site look like spam. If your site looks like spam it will not be ranked in search engine results. Thus, the opportunity to optimise your site will be missed.

Using Flash technology and Graphics
Spider bots cannot index Flash or graphics. Therefore, the website content cannot be ranked in search engine results. It is a mistake to use Flash technology that does not have an html version. Websites can have an attractive design; however, good SEO content leads to higher rankings and increased traffic.

Using Unethical SEO Techniques
Avoid using unethical techniques to optimise your website. This includes techniques such as overstuffing keywords and hidden text. This is a major SEO mistake. Not only will your site lose credibility, but, it will be regarded as spam. As a result it will not be ranked in search engine results. This means little or no visitors, and no profit.

Using the Wrong SEO Consultants
It is a mistake to choose any company to optimise your website. There are a number of unethical SEO companies waiting to waste your time and money. Find a credible and professional SEO company to optimise your site, as using the wrong SEO company will:

  1. Compromise your website 
  2. Waste resources 
  3. Fail to optimise your website

Expecting Immediate SEO Results
It is a mistake to think that SEO will take place overnight. Rather, it is a process that takes time. Believing that SEO will have immediate results can lead to unethical SEO practices.

Avoiding SEO Maintenance
SEO is an ongoing process that takes time. It should not be mistaken as a one-time activity that does not need to be revisited. Rather, SEO maintenance must be implemented. Make sure that you continue to SEO your site, and keep up to date with new developments.

There are a number of mistakes that can be made when optimising your site. Understanding what SEO is and avoiding SEO mistakes will help you to optimise your site the right way.

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