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Website Copywriting

Optimus01 does not offer website copywriting services however we have the following tips for you in terms of writing copy for your website…

The biggest tip we can give you is:
“imagine you are talking to a little green alien who has come down from another planet and knows nothing about your company, your products or services, what you do and how he can work with you.”

By going this route you are sure to write content that is accurate, easy to read and easy to understand. Also see our page on Copywriting Tips for Websites.

Make sure each page has:

  • an introduction
  • a body
  • a conclusion
  • 400 words – especially if it is for a link / keyword that you want to rank on the 1st page of Google for

Website users are known for not liking the following:

  • Long sentences
  • Technical terms / phrases
  • Writing that is of a higher level than Std 8
  • Pages and pages of waffle – a good number is 400 words per item / link

Good Luck!

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